Plasterboard is one of the main materials used in dry construction, because it is flexible and very durable. The constructions made of plasterboard can be applied for interior separators, suspended ceiling, wall and fireplace cladding, concealed lightning etc. Its advantages are many: it offers an economical solution; it is light, durable, flexible and quick to apply. Plus, it offers temperature and sound insulation, humidity regulation and is resistant to fire and earthquakes.


The decorative plaster we use is Element 20. Element 20 is applied in vertical surfaces, in interior and exterior spaces. It is made of environmental friendly materials and can be applied quickly and easily with the use of a spatula. Depending on the technique used, the result looks like fairfaced concrete or tuff. Decorative Plaster dries fast, doesn’t let water intrude, is highly flexible and it is very easy to clean and maintain. Its color is gray and it is a Greek product.


Microcemento is one of the latest constructional solutions in architecture and interior design. A material used to design in-built work benches, bathrooms, sinks, furniture for interior or exterior use and even decorative objects for your house. Its colors go from classic to modern, covering all tastes and needs. Microcemento is a material used as decorative coating for floors, walls, bathrooms and all interior and exterior spaces. It is produced in Greece and Italy.


Apart from the new constructions and buildings, a very important role in our business is renovations and decorations. The renovation of an old building or space includes good designs and hard work. With our experience in renovations and our network of professionals, we take over such projects with great respect and consistency. We also offer solutions for decoration, using our high-quality materials and our overall knowledge in the field of design and construction.


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